Reciprocal pronoun


The reciprocal pronouns are used to describe actions that are mutual and refer to at least two persons/things.


Person Genitiv Dativ Akkusativ
ich - - -
du - - -
er/sie/es - - -
wir einander einander einander
ihr einander einander einander
sie/Sie einander einander einander


Sample sentences
  • Translation
  • Ben and Anna love each other.
  • Translation
  • We like each other.
Reciprocal pronoun einander with a preposition

Reciprocal pronoun einander can be used together with a preposition e.g. miteinander (with each other). In this case the preposition is added to the pronoun einander (written together).

  • Translation
  • We often don't agree with each other.
  • Translation
  • They don't speak with each other anymore.
  • Translation
  • Two sisters are looking after each other.