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Learning German has never been easier and more fun

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Practice your German skills wherever you are with our easy-to-use interface, accessible learning features and supported dark mode.


All content is prepared and structured by top language-learning professionals and taught in a way that ensures strong comprehension.


Boost your knowledge with engaging exercises designed for multiple learning styles. Learn through animations, audio clips, and visual cues rather than just words!


Tailored Lessons

Lessons are grouped by level, so you can develop your skills whether you’re brand new to the language or want to solidify your knowledge.

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    Learn to speak the right way by listening to the pronunciations of native speakers.

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    Lessons will help you to learn all the aspects of the German language step by step.

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    Easily track your progress and earn badges for your hard work!


Flashcard decks

Don't waste time looking for vocabulary by using our premium flashcard decks. If you want more, you can create and personalize your own flashcard decks.

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    Expore over 100 premium flashcard decks covering the most important subjects.

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    Take control of your learning with customizable flashcards that you can tag with pictures and emojis to make them more memorable.

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    Use different learning modes to learn the way you like and to make it fun.


Wiki and Exercises

Easily check German grammar rules to master vocabulary, tenses, pronunciations and common exceptions – even on the go!

Explore Wiki
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    Quickly find any grammar topic, read about its use cases, exceptions and more.

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    Practice grammar with the exercises to test your knowledge and make it stick.

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    Everything prepared for you in one place, organized in a convenient way.

You’ve come to the right place You’ve come to the right place

You’ve come to the right place!

Wondering how to learn German without attending classes or hiring an expensive private tutor?

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    Alemanzo is a comprehensive language app designed for anyone wanting to learn and master the German language, developed by experts for speakers of all levels.

    Ready to learn German faster than you ever thought possible?

  • Convenient and effective

    Alemanzo makes learning German easy and accessible for everyone, giving you exercises and resources in a structured way to develop your comprehension, grammar, speaking and written language skills.

    And with its sleek user-friendly interface, Alemanzo is perfect for the modern language learner.

  • For all types of learners

    Whatever you want to learn German for and however much time you have to spare, Alemanzo can work for you. Moving to Germany and need to learn the language fast?

    Download Alemanzo.

    Fancy learning German for fun or simply as a new hobby? Download Alemanzo! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.


No more app-switching to look up translations

Now you can stay immersed in learning German and use the built-in dictionary. Want to create a flashcard based on what you looked up in the dictionary? We got you covered.



Every grammar topic explained in detail

Learn German language fast with instruction for every grammar topic. Give yourself in-depth explanations of parts of speech, tenses, moods, syntax, word order, and more!


Start learning German with Alemanzo today